Doris Day Update

One of the most popular and successful American multimedia stars to emerge since the end of WWII and the most forward-looking heroine in popular culture of the 1950s and 60s.
Day entered films in 1948 after a brief but highly successful singing career as a band vocalist, and for the next two decades virtually defined the wholesome blonde girl-next-door type in musicals, dramas and innocent but sly sex farces.
Day became an immediate star with her debut film, "Romance on the High Seas" (1948), and was one of the last stars developed under the old studio system by Warner Brothers, starring in such nostalgic light musicals as "On Moonlight Bay" (1951) and "I'll See You in My Dreams" (1952).
She also showed promise in drama ("Storm Warning" 1950) and raucous comedy (at her most tomboyish in the cult classic "Calamity Jane" 1953) when given a chance. Day's rich alto voice and supple dramatic phrasing also enjoyed considerable success on the pop singles ("It's Magic", "Secret Love") and album charts through the 40s and 50s.

After her screen career petered out in 1968, Day immediately embarked on the mild TV sitcom, "The Doris Day Show", which opened with "Que Sera Sera", typecast her as a bright career woman and stayed high in the popularity ratings for the length of its five-year run.
It was only after the death of Day's husband-manager Marty Melcher that it came out that he had entrusted the majority of Day's substantial earnings to a lawyer who flagrantly squandered them.
Day's income from her show supported her lengthy court battle,
and since the close of her series she has been largely retired, devoting most of her energies to pet adoption and animal rights advocacies.


Anonymous said...

Doris Day is an awesome Lady and has been for many years. I had the honor of being her personal secretary while she was filming her hit TV show at CBS in the '70s.
Also lived with her for nearly two years.
She has a wholesme image that made many young girls, including myself at the time, want to imitate her in every way.
Most of her films are timeless - who can believe that Pillow Talk came out 50 years ago?
THank God for Doris Day! She now devotes her time and energy to the welfare of animals - God bless you Doris - and thank you for the many hours of wonderful entertainment you have provided over the years.
Mary Anne Barothy

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