Lucky Me~Doris Day

Lucky Me is a fun musical which opens with Doris Day's dynamite opening number, "The Superstition Song", which she sings while bouncing down the streets of Miami!
A True Star Performance! Only Doris could have gotten away with this, and she was brilliant.
She played Candy Williams, a singer-actress who was appearing in a travelling show, "Parisian Pretties" which bombed in Miami.
Stranded, she meets a New York songwriter, Cummings, who is casting a new Broadway show.
He pretends to be someone else to court Candy, but falls in love with her.
During the proceedings, Doris Day sings most of the numbers including her chart hit, "I Speak to the Stars".
The highlight is "I Wanna Sing Like an Angel" and "Love You, Dearly," another lovely ballad.
Phil Sivers was wonderful and had a great number with Day called "Men!"
The other actors gave Miss Day able support and everyone seemed to work well with each other.
Lucky Me was the next to last film under Doris Day's Warner Brothers contract. Although she has stated that she didn't believe in the project to the same extent that she'd believed in some of her prior films, you would not of know it while watching her performance.

I Speak To The Stars!


Anonymous said...

Very pretty blog site.

Speak to the stars is my bestest song from the film (Lucky me)


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Patrick Joubert Conlon said...

Hi Allison. I've never seen that movie. I'm putting it on my list. I mentioned Doris in my latest post.


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hello alli ust dropping by here to greet you belated happy valentines day and by the way i was thinking to feature Doris day as my next featured hitmaker for my blog

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